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Welcome, Mortal One!


Many people damn the modern age and think the Internet kills music and art. However, we tried to use it well: we joined to show that there are values in this modern world. We believe the demanding music from heart finds the way in the souls.


The real art do not know bounds: in the Cathedral of Doom album you can listen songs of bands from 5 different countries (Brazil, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary and Malta). 9 long, magical and doomy work. All of them are true diamonds from the doom metal underground.

If you like demanding, exciting metal and you are open to the world, all you have to do is download our free compilation. And if you like songs of any band, support them: buy albums, visit concerts or just like them on Facebook!


Don’t forget: they are not simple songs, but true doom metal hymns, dark labyrinths. You must ramble long time, until you find the light as a new man.




01 Eclipse of the Sun - Blinding darkness (2013 Cathedrals of Doom remix)

02 Somnus Aeternus – Decrepitus

03 Les Memoires Fall - River of Pain

04 Weeping Silence - Love Lies Bleeding

05 Spirit Descent - Stranger On Earth (2013)

06 Eclipse of the Sun - Masquerade (2013 Cathedrals of Doom remix)

07 Somnus Aeternus - The Light at the End of the Suffering

08 Les Memoires Fall - Mourning Your Death

09 Spirit Descent - In Hatred (Live 2012)


Thanks to:

Emese „durcka” Laki for amazing cover, Solitude Productions and Ravenheart Record for supporting.

About us

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