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Weeping Silence

Weeping Silence plays a blend of female-fronted gothic/doom metal.

In 2013 Weeping Silence was nominated for the ‘Best Heavy Metal Band’ award in the national Malta Music Awards (MMAs), which is a rare honour for gothic/doom metal in Malta. The band also won the ‘Best Band of the Year 2012’ in the Female Metal Webzine awards.

The band is now also supported by Limelight Productions for live booking in Europe.

Albums: ‘Deprived from Romance’ EP (2000) ‘End of an Era’ (2008), ‘Theatre of Life’ (2011), ‘For the Unsung’ (2012)

(Label: Ravenheart Records)


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Spirit Descent

Formed in 2008 by former Cold Embrace frontman Andreas Libera Spirit Descent quickly emerged to become one of the premier Doom Metal bands in the north of Germany.

Considering the debut album „Doominion“ to be a good first statement, the following album „VII Chapters In A Minor“ continued on the chosen „Path Of Doom“, but also introduced a more progressive approach and the tendency to write even longer epic songs than on „Doominion“. „Not your standard doom act“ is a typical reaction whenever it comes to label Spirit Descent with a term.

During 2012 and 2013 a lot of gigs were played, highlighted by a support gig for mighty Saint Vitus and an appearance at the very last „Doom Shall Rise“.

Going through a lot of lineup changes Spirit Descent still managed to get some new songs written....and upcoming 2014 will see the new lineup re-entering the stages and the release of album No.3.

(Label: Psychedoomelic Records/Eyes Like Snow)

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Somnus Aeternus

Somnus Aeternus is a Doom/Death Metal band from Brno, Czech Republic formed in 2007. After a few years of line-up changes and forming the material, the band reworked their old demo material with the new line-up in 2011 and soon after started recording their debut album.

The first album called “On the Shores of Oblivion” was finally recorded and released in 2012 by Russian doom-metal label Solitude Productions.

The lyrics and the whole band concept revolves around the idea of similarity (and to a certain degree interchangeability) of sleep and death, which goes hand in hand with realizing one’s mortality and all the implications arising from such an understanding of life. The music of Somnus Aeternus should not go unnoticed to fans of Swallow the Sun, Agalloch, Opeth, Katatonia, Saturnus, Arcturus or Insomnium.

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Les Memoires Fall

Doom metal band from São José dos Campos / SP founded by bassist / vocals Emerson Mördien in March 2011.

The band, in just under two years, released a split cd with Lugubres from São Paulo, counting 3 songs from each band.He also participated with a song (Deception) the compilation "Doomed Serenades", with large bands of national doom scenario, which was organized by the União Doom Metal.

The band currently is in the studio, recording the songs for the band's first full album titled "Dark of Endless Sorrow" and will be released in Europe until the middle of the year by the label Russian Visions Shapeless Records and Brazil by Faminttus Recs

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Eclipse of the Sun

Monumental, mysterious and passionate – this is the music of Eclipse of the Sun. One of the most unique metal bands of Hungary released two CDs, both are free downloadable from their homepage. The reception of these materials by the audience and press was absolutely positive.

The songs are mixture of different styles – from epic doom through U.S power to symphonic death metal. After a lot of succesful concerts and festivals now the band is recording the first full album and looking for label.


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